50 Deep Urdu Quotes About Life | One Line Zindagi Quotes

Deep urdu quotes about life

Life is full of different colors. Some people’s experiences are not good and they suffer from various problems and some people come to this world to have fun, their life is only happiness and peace. Every man is forced by his destiny. Sometimes people succeed in making life easier with hard work and wisdom. In …

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30 Inspirational Urdu Quotes About Life Reality


Some people are so frustrated by the hardships of life that every day feels painful. And some people seem to enjoy life. One should hope in God that the coming day will bring them a good news and remove all their troubles. Don’t despair, go ahead and enjoy life. Enjoy by sharing inspirational urdu quotes …

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Emotional Urdu Quotes | Sad Emotional Quotes About Life

Emotional urdu quotes

Sometimes a person gets bored with the decisions of the time and becomes impulsive and the heart wants to do something. He has also made some impulsive decisions, which sometimes results in him regretting them. There can be many reasons for a person’s mood swings. Such as heartbreak, someone being in an accident or ill …

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Urdu Quotes on Happiness | Happy Quotes in Urdu English

Urdu quotes on happiness

Happiness and sadness are part of life. To be happy in all circumstances and to be grateful to God is what life is all about. If you want to be happy, enjoy the small pleasures of life. Share happiness, what you share will surely return one day. Share people’s sorrows and try to remove their …

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